I just completed this project, Analysis of Employee Exit Surveys.
Your review and feedback will be highly appreciated.

Analysis-of-Employee-Exit-Surveys.ipynb (175.0 KB)

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Hello @cayodey,

Your project is very well-done.

The introduction is thorough and provides a good start for any reader who wants to get an overview of the project before investing more time. The sources are referenced, objectives are given, and the data dictionary is also a great touch.

You also explained most of your observations and walked the reader through what you’re doing step by step. Comments are also provided which can be a great help for technical readers.

Because of the high quality, my suggestions will be brief:

  1. The title can be made more specific. “Analysis of Employee Exit Surveys” implies you’re trying to analyze every single thing about the survey, but you’re actually looking into a small subset of it.
  2. The “Summary of Main Findings” is incomplete I think. “Employees with more years of service have a higher likelihood of resigning due to dissatisfaction compare” is the only thing I can see.
  3. Some minor spelling mistakes e.g. “here” is written as “hear”.
  4. I think there are two of the same bar charts “Percentage of employees dissatisfaction”. [35] and [36].
  5. The conclusion can be made more precise. Because you’re comparing between two different groups, i.e more than 7 years vs less than 7 years, you can use comparative words like “more likely” or “less likely”. Your summary of main findings uses the words “higher” and “compare” which is good.
  6. Aside from comparing the two groups, you can also look into the percentage for each individual category. For example, It looks to me that for each category at least 25% will say that they resigned because of dissatisfaction. That observation is not part of the objective, but it’s always interesting to highlight things you found accidentally while trying to answer the actual objective.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.


Hello @wanzulfikri,
Thank you for reading through, your feedback is highly appreciated.
I will work on the observations. Cheers!

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