Analysis Of The Factors Affecting Forest Fires

Hello DQ, I’m sharing my guided project on the forest fires data set.

forest_fires.pdf (598.5 KB)

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Hi @abomayesan

Great project analysis. I was so eager to read your analysis from the introduction. Great intro. You did a great job guiding me through your analysis. Great conclusion where you restated your original questions with results.

Since I am not an expert on ggplot, I will not comment on your code. My only suggestion would be to add more explanation about why converting the categorical data. I assumed the original data was a string.

My only other comments are really questions:
Can you add the link to the dataset?
How did you handle outliers?
Is the value on the y-axis on the Relationship between Months and FWI factors an average value?

Great job. I learned a lot. I enjoyed reading your project. Your charts and graphs made the analysis a lot easier to follow. I know there are hundreds of other questions you could analyze with the dataset. Did you think about analyzing the frequency of fires based on x and y coordinates within the Montesinho park?

Thank you for sharing!

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At the time of the project I had no idea how to visualise spatial data so I didn’t look into the coordinates. I converted to categorical variable because when creating plots using ggplot, string values are randomly placed, to solve this I had to convert to a categorical variable using the factor function and then the levels argument is used to give an order based on the levels. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really needed it.

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