There have been multiple prison escapes where an inmate escapes by means of a helicopter. One of the earliest instances was the escape of Joel David Kaplan, nicknamed “Man Fan”, on August 19, 1971, from the Santa Martha Acatitla in Mexico. To do the analysis, data from this Wikipedia page was scraped and analyzed. It covers the details of attempted helicopter prison escapes over a period of 50 years (1971-2020)

Analysis-of-The-Prison-Break-Helicopter-Escapes.ipynb (155.9 KB)

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Hi @cayodey

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing such an amazing project. Your workings are well detailed including information background of your dataset, the objectives, the title. Generally, the introduction is well explored. I am also impressed with your explanations together with the visualizations very informing . Keep it mate for the good work.

I think the use of We is the correct approach , it’s kind of involving, like whoever going through your work will feel to be part of the process as opposed to when you use I which seems to be excluding the reader as he or she follow through your project.
And kindly take note when asking questions, I don’t think having them in the project as a good approach, you can instead ask them when sharing your project with DQ community. They should never be part of your final project.

Below are some of my suggestions

  • Your graph in cell[17] have no axis labels outputted despite including them on plot() function. With Pandas plot(), labelling of the axis is achieved using matplotlib syntax on the plt object imported from pyplot. i.e
plt.ylabel("'No. of Escapes")
  • You can consider applying reset_index() method in your success_count df , this will allow you reset the index back to the default indexes for well formatted output. Have a look;

  • You can cnsider deleting cell[18] , it has same display as that of [19].
  • Check on the naming of your title, I don’t think if this My First Data Science Project should be included, It was only provided by DQ as a guideline.
  • Two questions were never answered in your project despite listing them in the introduction. You never shown or worked how the number of escapees affect the success , neither did you show escapees with more than one break attempt.

Further Exploration
In the feature or if you feel like expounding further on this project, then you can consider expounding on months- for example checking through to see which month recorded high number of break attempts, and why this is so. Your second last question also can form a good exploration, you can come up with a scatter plot to check if there is any correlation between the two variables.

Otherwise to me, everything look nice and well explored, congratulations for the good work. All the best in your upcoming projects.

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Hi @brayanopiyo18,
Thank you so much for the review and recommendations. All points noted and will be corrected.
Any provision to re-upload the file again or edit it in community ?


This is great @cayodey

    1. open show more (three-dot notation):

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    1. To re-upload new file, delete the older file and upload the new one still in .ipynb: format,
      you an also edit any writing you wish at this stage.



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About file reloading, you can also find useful this post. You need Option 2 (Super Cool) from there.

Thanks @brayanopiyo18 , unfortunately i can’t find the pencil icon for edit as depicted in the picture attached.

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Hi @cayodey,

No worries, you can’t see the pencil icon yet because of your current trust level that is assigned automatically by the system to each user. Your trust level is going to increase in the future (this depends on your read time, the number of posts read, etc.), so you’ll be able to do more things in the Community.

In the meantime, could you please share your updated file here, just in the reply to this my message? Then I’ll update your initial post for you. Thanks!

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