Analysis on freecodecamp 2021 survey data

Hello DQ it’s been a while since I shared a project here. I’ve been working on an interesting project lately and I want to share here. I’ve added the notebook file as well as a link to the github repository.

fcc 2021 survey.ipynb (714.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @abomayesan ,

Great job on your analysis of freecodecamp 2021 survey data. Great job using graphs, tables, and charts to visualize the data - especially your racial and gender donut charts.

Great job explaining your goal and your analysis. It was easy to understand and follow your analysis. You did a great job adding subheadings, sections, and headers.

I did want to make a few suggestions:

Suggestions on introductions
  • The introduction was well written but did you consider adding bullet points for the 4-5 questions you were analyzing
    Here is a link to a sample dataquest project introduction referenced in the In-Depth Style Guide for Data Science*
Suggestions on conclusion
  • Did you consider adding your other results to the conclusion. Here is a link to the In-Depth Style Guide for Data Science with recommendations for conclusion.
" Reminds the reader what the initial goal was and what was the main approach you took to reach that goal.
* Summarizes the most important results."
Did you consider adding the time period for average amount spent.

I assumed this was over a year.

Box plot

You may want to add a title to box plot?

Do you think freecodecamp was the highest online platform because they were conducting the survey?

Great job on analyzing the freecodecamp data - I learned a lot.

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Thank you @Casandra_Hayward, thanks for your suggestions. I’m going to take them and improve my work. For the question where you asked if freecodecamp was the highest because of they conducted the survey. I did consider that. I assumed most of the people who took the survey were their users hence why it was the dominating online resource. I didn’t think I had to mention. I’ll make the corrections you have pointed out to me and improve my work.


Great work @abomayesan, your work was well detailed and understandable, I’d a swell time going through it, just in addition to what has been said, can you add an image to the introduction and also intrigue to see why people are enrolled in a particular course more than the other.

Thank you so much. Thank you for your feed, I intend to go back and look at the data.

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