Analyze factbook data using sql

hi all i did’t understand how to solve do this
i’m looking for explanation how to find ratio
Which countries have the highest ratios of water to land? Which countries have more water than land?

Hey there Surekha,

I’m going to give you a few different pointers here, because it’s not clear to me which part of the question is tripping you up — I apologize if part of this is telling you something you already know.

Firstly, to calculate the ratio of two things, you divide one thing by the other. For instance, if I have 6 red apples and 4 green apples, I can calculate the ratio of red to green apples by dividing 6 / 4, which gives me a ratio of 1.5. To calculate the ratio of water to land, you divide one by the other.

As far as how to identify where to get this data from, I encourage you to go to the third screen of this mission and look at the preview of the data and column explanations and see if you can identify which columns can help you make this calculation.

I hope this is helpful — If I’ve misunderstood which part of this exercise is confusing, please feel free to clarify so that I can better help you out!