Analyzing CIA Factbook Data - Review

SQL is a mandatory skill for every data professional.Coming to the point, it was a great experience working on my first SQL Project. I explored a lot and also added my opinion on SQL as well

I am open to receive any constructive feedback. Feel free to share your reviews.

You can access my Jupyter notebook file here.

Incase you are not able to access above. Please check out in my GitHub repository

Lastly I would like to say few embarrassing moments which I’ve experienced while debugging SQL queries. Debugged a SQL query for 20 minutes only to figure out I spelled SELECT as SLECT. Then I “fixed it”, and spelled as SLELECT. My main lesson:

  • If you laugh at yourself it is a lot easier than getting mad at yourself. In data, this will serve you really well!
  • Think about the issue you encountered and how you can avoid it next time. What can you build in to address it?
  • When you are debugging your work, check the simple first. Then evaluate the more complex. Simple mistakes happen!
  • Be open about silly mistakes. Others make them too. Open discussion is really helpful and important

Any silly mistakes you want to share? I think they help others a lot!

Thanks in advance



Hello @prasadkalyan05! Thanks for sharing.

It’s nice that you wrote the lessons to learn, it’ll help everyone willing to study SQL.

Your project is nice because you organized it in logical sections and outlined a specific aim. Here is some feedback:

  • Your project has an introduction but has no conclusion.
  • Be aware that when you calculate the average population/area and exclude the world, but you did not check for the European Union and Antarctica. Do they have these values?
  • In the section “Identifying densely populated countries” you lack a comparison operator for the area.
  • You do not need to delete the rows if you can just filter them. What if you need those rows after?
  • You have some typos.

Happy coding!


Hello @artur.sannikov96

Thank you for your feedback!

Yes , i missed the conclusion, my bad i realized later :neutral_face:

As per my understanding and analysis I believe we don’t required those rows which I’ve deleted i,e. ‘World’ and ‘Antarctica’ . Let me know if my point is correct or not.

I’ll try to look on the other points mentioned and will re-work again on this weekend.

Thanks again


Well, it’s just my opinion but from my previous experience you never know what you will require in the future so I tend to just filter everything not delete.


Cool. I like your ideology!

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