Analyzing CIA Factbook Data using SQL - C.O

Hi all,
Sharing my guided project on Analyzing CIA Factbook using SQL. I’ve done the analysis in the most basic way possible.
Kindly review and share feedback.

The link:

AnalysisUsingSQL.ipynb (31.4 KB)

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Hi @carologira8, congratulations for having completing the project. I have gone through it and have got the following to point out;

  • most of your outputs are one based solution, for example ,finding countries with high population, it is better to work with the average values

Have a look

SELECT name AS Country, 
    FROM facts
    where (population > 62352583.6265560) & (name <> "World")
    ORDER BY population DESC
    limit 5
  • sqlite:///factbook.db
Country	                       population	population_growth
China	                      1367485388	    0.45
India	                      1251695584	    1.22
European Union	              513949445	        0.25
United States	              321368864	        0.78
Indonesia	                  255993674	        0.92

This give the top five countries with the highest population, rather than printing out only one country china as in your case.

  • your projects also lacks data background history ,which is very important when working on any given project. The introduction part is also not well synthesize, you need to add the goal/aim.
  • Recheck your conclusion it’s not that well presented. In the conclusion , always remember to present out the findings.
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Thanks @brayanopiyo18 for the feedback and very insightful comments.
I’ll have another look at the project, now with a different perspective and share the results.
Thank you!

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