Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL: Full Guided Project with Question Answer

This is my full answer for Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL Kindly check it , your feedback is welcome
Analyzing+CIA+Factbook+Data+Using+SQL.ipynb (60.5 KB)

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Hello @esramgamal! Thanks for sharing:)

Here is some feedback:

  • You are working with the factbook.db database. sql_master is just a table of tables in the database.
  • Correct your mistakes, in some cases your narrative is unreadable.
  • You do not need to call %%sql in each code cell. Just one time will be enough.
  • Correct your sql style according to a style guidelines (for example, here.
  • Did you consider European Union, Antarctica, and oceans when calculating the average values?
  • Write a conclusion. What was the aim of the project? Have you answered all the questions you wanted? What are the results? Wrap them up in the conclusions.

Happy coding:)