Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL In Jupyter Notebook

I need an honest feedback for my project

Basics (7).ipynb (80.6 KB)

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Hello @lukeayobami56, thanks for sharing your work. I see you’ve done a comprehensive job. In the conclusion part, it would be great if you provide us with the findings you got.

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Alright thanks Victor, I will provide more to the findings. Please can you tell me how to share my projects/portfolios to github?

Hello @lukeayobami56! Here you can read more about how to upload your project on GitHub.

If you are familiar with Git you can also push your project on GitHub (with all relative files like dataset, requirements etc.) by using Git BASH.

Happy coding :smile:

alright thanks so much for the information.

Hi @lukeayobami56

Congratulations for the good work you have presented, just one humble observation , consider limiting the number of outputs presented in cell [25] it’s too lengthy.

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Alright i will also make adjustment to that.

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