Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL m257

Hi all,
upload my seventh project.
Thank you advance for your future feedback.
Best Regards, Vadim Maklakov.
Analyzing_CIA_Factbook_Data_Using_SQL_m257.ipynb (37.8 KB)

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Hi @vadim.maklakov
Happy to see you managing through another project on Analyzing CIA Factbook. The presentation is so cool and well organized. The aim is well defined, most of the explanations as well are informing, good work indeed. Have got a suggestion; Since your analysis involve population of the world, population density and so on, it would be good to include all these in your conclusion, like which are these countries with high population,high population density, population growth and so on. Otherwise to me, everything looks cool and well worked on,congratulation buddy for the nice presentation.
Happy learning!

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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for sharing your project with us! And by the way, your learning curve is really impressingly fast, at least in comparison with mine :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some suggestions from my side:

  • It’s better to re-run the whole project when it’s already finished.
  • I’d remove the numbers before the subheadings, especially before the introduction and conclusion. They are usually difficult to follow and are prone to potential confusion. In fact, you repeated twice the number 3 by mistake.
  • The markdown after the code cell [3]: you should use either a bullet list, or a numbered list, not both types simultaneously.
  • The names of columns and tables, when mentioned in markdown, better to put in backticks for better emphasising (instead of quote marks, for example).
  • As for the overall SQL style and how to make the SQL code more readable, I’d recommend you this guide, especially the part about white spaces, so-called “rivers”.
  • You might consider rounding some outputs, like in the code cells [79], [81], [86], [88].
  • Be careful of typos.
  • The code cells [86]-[88]: it’s enough to render float (using CAST) either only the denominator or the numerator.
  • And yes, as Brayan suggested, in the conclusion it’s better to mention which exactly countries have the most/the list… (population, area, etc.), or maybe some overall trends.

Hope it was helpful. Good luck with your future projects!

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Dear moderators!
Fixed some issues, errors with population growth and improve formatting.
Analyzing_CIA_Factbook_Data_Using_SQL_Final_m257.ipynb (49.7 KB)

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