Analyzing CIA factbook using SQL

HI everyone, here is my guided project. This is the first one that I’m uploading.

I’ll like you to please check for correctness of my logic and interpretation of the results. also please check if i used the proper methods in my code, and if it is easy to understand by others.

CIA factbook.ipynb (45.5 KB)

here is a link to the online Jupyter file

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hi @rayolufadeju, thanks for sharing your project. Here are some suggestions after a brief review of the project.

  1. It is good you provide headings for the main analysis tasks. You may, however, start off with ana introduction section where you describe the dataset used for analysis and highlight the main questions addressed using the dataset.

  2. Great you briefly explain query results but you may consider providing explanations after the query results. Under each task heading, briefly describe the analysis tasks and then after running the queries, you explain the results. So there is more to do in terms of documenting your analysis. Still regarding documentation, after cell 4, you stated that %%sql must be the first line in a cell containing SQL code. However, you used the both % and %% before cell 4. Describing or justifying the use of the magic commands must precede their first usage.

  3. In general, you follow a consistent style in writing SQL queries which makes your SQL code readable. To further enhance your project presentation, you may see the following posts:
    a. Some guidelines for the guided or personal projects
    b. Detailed Guides to make your Projects Professional!

Well done and happy learning!

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thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it.

You are most welcome! Best wishes!