Analyzing CIA Factbook with SQL - Full Project

Hello, I’d like some feedback on my guided project if possible. I tried answering all of the questions presented in the assignment, but I’m not 100% sure if my math is correct. Particularly on the question “which country will add the most to their population next year?” I’d also like some feedback on whether or not my notebook was clear and legible? I understand my projects as I work on them because it just makes sense to me, but I never know how others perceive it. Any feedback at all will be welcome and appreciated! :slight_smile:

Analyzing CIA Factbook - A Simple Study (Full Project).ipynb (20.5 KB)

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Hi @noah.gampe! Your project is clear and easy-to-follow, no worries about that. Also, your code is very clean, so good job! The math seems correct. However, note that you have an error in [5] and all next code cells do not show any result!

Some suggestions from my side:

  • Have you considered adding the questions at the beginning of the project?
  • Why don’t you summarize your results in conclusions?
  • Note that when you compute the average area and population you also include countries like “Antarctica” (which is pretty big) and European Union. Have you checked that they do not contain any data that can greatly change your average value?
  • Instead of using id you can directly filter countries out by the “name” column

I hope my feedback was helpful! Happy coding and good luck with your next projects:)