Analyzing Data on Covid

High everyone;

Kindly review my project

ALVIN COVID 19 (2) (1).ipynb (107.0 KB)

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Hello alvinogolla642

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Following are a few points that you can take care of

  1. The 'NORTH AMERICA TOTAL CASES' graph is not coming up in the Notebook, you are getting an error for the package import
    NameError: name 'plt' is not defined
    I would suggest, you resolve the error and run all the cells in one go (using ‘Run All’ in the menu bar).
  2. In the case of countries with least covid 19 cases, you could skip using ascending=False, to fetch least_north;
    and use the top 5 or 10 rows to show countries with least covid cases.
  3. There is also a syntax error in the last code cell SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  4. It would great to add a few comparison plots in the Notebook.


Can you work on your analysis again?