Analyzing NYC High School Data - Enrique

Hello, I’m sharing you my guided project of NYC Schools analysis. You can help me with your review in anything that could help to improve or see new things:

  • I used plotly for all the graphs, thanks to the wonderfull project of @tim1albers, please review his project, is the best.
  • I tried to follow the simplicity of @bhavya, her project made the best job visualizing schools data.
  • I only explore further the correlation of SAT scores and free lunchs, if you want to see a simple and better way to analyze the data check the excelent project of @eas-sea

Link to the project in nbviewer


Hello @jemartinezm1, thanks for sharing your work.
It would be great if you could provide us with links to the above-named persons that helped you in doing this project for quick access.
Your project looks amazing, the most amazing part is the visualizations and the explanations you’ve provided. You guys are giving me encouragement to redo my projects :smile:
I don’t have much to say since am still staring amazed at your project :smile:

Happy Learning!


Hello @info.victoromondi, I put the links to the projects, thank you for your kind words.

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