Analyzing NYC High School Data: Feedback


New month - new project. I’ve just finished my project on Analyzing NYC High School Data. I decided to concentrate on a few questions to not overwhelm the reader (and myself;) by the quanity of data analysis. Here is the link to GitHub.

I learned a lot about the data visualization during this project so I’d really appreciate if you leave me any feedback on my plots:) I also would like to hear your opinion on the conclusions I’ve made (are they clear, do they have any logical issue?, maybe something I missed?).

And of course any suggestion on what and how to improve for my future projects!

P.S. I’d like to learn more about and folium to create visualizations for my next project because I just fell in love with the @tim1albers visualization tecniques and his thorough and attentive data analysis. His project was my source of inspiration! I also noticed that in some cases we make different conclusions, so it is an important indication on how different people perceive the same information and how this information may be analyzed leading to different conlcusions!

Schools.ipynb (717.8 KB)

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Hi @artur.sannikov96
A few peeks at the plots in this project and I would say, you really truly learned a lot about visualizations during the project.
I for one, really do not have a grip over the seaborn plotting library yet, but looking at how well you’ve made use of it in this project is a jolt for me to learn more about it.

Well, I don’t know what the pro(s) would say, but as for me, as regards your conclusion on the project, I would say You communicated, clearly and logically.
Also, as a suggestion, a first glance at the conclusion seemed like a bulky read, and I think indents could fix that.

Best of luck on your learning journey :+1: :wink:

Wow, a month already :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Better late than never :v:

Thanks for your words!

What do you mean by the bulky read conclusion? I have everything ok!

What I mean is, at a first glance, spotting core points is difficult, so I suggested indenting the core points. Something like:

  • This

Either way, you have everything okay!

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