Analyzing NYC High School Data Feedback

Hi everyone,

I’m currently redoing the projects, adding the additional steps and would love your feedback on my improved work.

Analyzing NYC High School Data.ipynb (410.0 KB)

I was a bit surprised that at the start of the project it is stated that the combined dataframe is already available to us but it actually isn’t so all the steps from the last two missions had to be redone. The same applies for the survey_fields variable.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @ivelinagenova,

As always your project is beautiful, simple and well done, I only can offer some suggestions:

  • You totally will love folium, check the use of maps and heatmaps plugins that the tool offers.
  • Your function to categorize is excellent, maybe you can also use quantile to divide the sat scores according the distribution.

Nothing else, excellent job!


Thanks for the kind words, @jemartinezm1!
And HUGE thanks for introducing me to Folium! :slight_smile:
I spent all evening playing with it and got to here:

It looks so much better!


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