Analyzing NYC High School Data (m217)

Hi all!
Upload my notebook.
Shocked level of education for one of richest city of USA.
Wait feedback.Analyzing_NYC_High_School_Data_m217.ipynb (893.7 KB)

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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for sharing your project. It looks amazing! I liked a lot of things: very profound data analysis and insights (it’s evident that you were really curious about the data!), cool and clear visualizations, good code commenting, all the necessary links are present, including those on the side articles. Also, it was a great idea to include the scale of SAT results (what is considered to be best, average, poor, and the intermediate gradations). And another good idea was to figure out the misleading data on the AP test plot.

Some suggestions from my side:

  • The code cells [12]-[15]: you might consider creating a graph for all these new variables (less_equal_poor, etc), it will be easier to grasp the information then.
  • It’s better to include the introduction in the beginning and only after that to refresh all the preparations we did in the previous missions.
  • I’d suggest you to rename those numbered conclusions around the project (“first conclusion”, etc.) into observations. Well, otherwise the word “conclusion” inside a project, especially if repeated, sounds a bit obligating :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway, they should be shortly revised in the real conclusion in the end.
  • Throughout your project, I saw an issue with bullet/numbered lists (especially the one before the code cell [16]). Please use only one list type for the same list. I mean, a list can’t be both bullet and numbered sumultaneously.
  • It’s better to use a uniform style for the quote marks used for string data in the code cells all around the project: or only single, or only double quote marks.
  • A good practice is to put the names of the columns or variables mentioned in markdown cells in backticks.

Hope my ideas were helpful. Great job indeed!

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Elena, thank you very much for your feedback and notices.
Keep its in my mind for working in future projects.

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