Analyzing NYC High School Data - My attempt

Hello everyone, I completed the aforementioned guided project and I would appreciate if you could give me any kind of review and suggestion for my work.

Just want to clarify that I completed to work off line so if you’re interested in the entire project, you can find it here

Schools (3).ipynb (210.8 KB)


Big thanks to @mathmike314 for the precious help he gave me for the last part of the project!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @giovanni.srg

Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest’s community.
Have gone through it and it looks pretty good. The introduction, the explanations given in the markdown cell,the comments, the aim, the conclusion are very informing and have been well organized. I love most of your plots, like the ones in the last workings , I admired them a lot :grinning:, thumbs up for the entire presentation.

Having said that, Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • You missed to include the title of your project which is very key when working on any project; hope in the future you will check onto that.
  • You haven’t dig deeper to the information background of the datasets you are working on , though I can see you provided the link , having few details presented in the introduction is the best approach.
  • You haven’t labeled most of your plots/graph , making it difficult to relate which information is for x-axis or the one for y-axis, and giving the title of the plot/graph as well, you ought to have included them.
  • While giving explanations on correlation, you ought to have stated what value gives positive or negative correlation, and even for both the week and strong correlation.

Otherwise , congratulations! for having completed this project, all the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy Learning!

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