Analyzing NYC High School Data - Where Do Best Students Come From?

Good day, folks!

Just finished my project on high school students in NYC public schools and would like to share with you my results. Hope, you may give me your thoughts concerning my project and further ways for improvement. The file is pretty big, that is why I attached an external link:

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @erzinrost! Thanks for sharing:)

You did a great job developing a complex project and using a lot of methods to answer the questions (like plotly and scikit). Here are some observations:

  • You neat description is great! But could you shorten and simplify it? It was quite difficult at the end to follow your narratives
  • What do you want us to see on your plots? Try to emphasize the bars that communicate the most important information.
  • You can improve your stacked barplot (socio-cultural factors) by making the legend to follow the order of bars, it will greatly improve legibility.
  • You can write a smaller summary fo results at the beginning of the project. Often, it’s the only information people will read (yeah, TL;DR but this the reality)

Hope it helps! Happy coding:)

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