Analyzing Westbound Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

Looking forward to receiving constructive feedback.

Analyzing Westbound Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94

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Hi @gargarkwamegideon12, Thanks for sharing your project with the Community :+1: This is my feedback and I hope it’d be valuable to you.
Some suggestions from my side:

  • Give more context to each part and a list of the questions you hope to answer in the project so that we can better understand your goals.
  • Give the readers some context What is this highway? (Could you include a Wikipedia link? Include a link to the dataset’s origin as well.
  • You didn’t add titles to some of the plots, an example is cell 22
  • make use of some markdowns features to lay emphasis on some of your explanations like here For instance, if you look at rows 176 and 177 (i_94.iloc[176:178]), you'll notice there's no data for two hours (4 and 5).
  • Import all the libraries in one cell it’d make your work neater
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Thanks a lot more for your feedback.

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