Android_clean not defined

i tried to run the code for removing non-english apps but the result keep giving me android_clean not defined/
here is the code below:

android_eng =
ios_eng =

for app in android_clean:
name = app[0]
if is_eng(name):

for app in ios:
name = app[1]
if is_eng(name):

explore_data(android_eng, 0, 3, True)
explore_data(ios_eng, 0, 3, True)

Usually that error pops up in these scenarios:

  1. mistyping the variable name, either with a typo or using a different name
  2. coming back to project and not rerunning all the cells.

Double check the name android_clean for the dataset, and make sure to rerun all the cells.
If that doesn’t solve the issue, please share a copy of your .ipynb notebook file so someone can have a look.

thank you april.g, i went though my code and ran all the cells over. working perfectly now…

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