Announcing the 30-day Dataquest Challenge

Building a learning habit is crucial to your data career but it’s also difficult to get into.

Maybe you’ve tried building it before. But, time and time again, you fall off. Something comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. Before you know it, you’re back to square one.

That’s why we are excited to announce the 30-day Dataquest challenge! :tada:

Learn more about this challenge here.

Stay accountable with the Dataquest Community

To help you successfully complete this challenge, we’re going to give you community accountability.

Here’s how:

  1. Make a public commitment to your learning goals for the next 30 days by commenting below.

    Tell us -

    • How much time you plan to devote each day
    • What you plan to learn

    Bonus points if you announce your decision to participate on your Twitter/LinkedIn

  2. Join the Dataquest Challenge Discord server to connect with other participants.

  3. Share regular updates on your progress!


Join the challenge by sharing your goals for week #1 below and joining our Discord!


Hi. I’m planning to devote at least 2 hours per day :smiley:


Hello everyone, I´m Daniel from Colombia.

I got into programming about a year ago, with the goal of making my job easier and more productive.

My 30 day goal is to study for at least 1hour/day.

Nice to meet you all.


Hi all! Taking on the 30-day Dataquest Challenge! Starting with SQL Fundamentals (21 modules left) then will move on to another focus! Excited to learn more about this platform and to hone my skills!


Hello guys. I’m Zico from Canada. This is my 2nd attempt at the Data Analyst path. I had a nice streak going in the beginning of the year. Alas I stumbled at the first guided project, but this 30-day challenge gives me renewed motivation.

I plan to study for 30 minutes daily to hopefully regain the lost progress (Fundamentals Part I and II) and tackle the first guided project before the month is over. Wish me luck!


Hey! James from New Mexico here. I’m a musician, but I’m looking to change my career to data science. It will be tough between a day job, music work, and caring for my infant, but very few things that are worth it are easy.

For this challenge, I plan to spend at least 1 hour per day on Dataquest coursework, starting with the Machine Learning Fundamentals certification. If I get past that I’ll be sure to start on the Probability and Statistics step.

Good luck to everyone who wants to get better at coding!


My name is Usman Ayaz. I am from Pakistan. I wants to change my career path to data science and machine learning. Therefore I have started “Data Scientist with Python” career track. I am planning to devote 2 hours per day for learning with dataquest daily. During 30 days dataquest challenge, I am planning to complete following:

  • Data Visualization Fundamentals
  • StoryTelling Data visualization and information design
  • Data Cleaning
  • The Command line
  • Working with Data sources

Hello Everyone, I’m Victor.
I plan to devote an hour every day for the next 30days, and i plan to learn Pandas and Numpy Fundamental and data visualization Fundamental
I wish us all Godspeed


Hello everyone!
I’m Diana from Indonesia.

I started the Data Analyst path since February. I hope this challenge can help motivate me to stay consistent and finish the course. I plan to dedicate at least an hour each day.


hi everyone :wave:
I’m Edd from England, I quit working and started the Data Analyst path about a month ago, with the aim of completing the path in 4-5 months.
I try to put in 3 or more solid hours a day, but it is haaaard!


Hi! I’m Evelin from Hungary, living in Japan.

Kaggle’s 30 Days of ML challenge has just ended, so I’m ready for a new challenge! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m planning to revise what I learnt before the Kaggle challenge started (Python fundamentals) and aiming for finishing Python and maybe some of Data Analysis and Visualization the next 30 days.

My days vary, but I’m planning to spend at least an hour/day.


Hi, I’m Martin from Kaduna, Nigeria. I am re-introducing myself here. My intro yesterday may not have been complete.
I’ve been a DBA for 16 years now and I see data science as the next logical step for me to take. I’m a programming newbie so I expect to learn much here.

My 30-day goal is to complete one mission each day, thereby solidifying my study habit. Eventually I want to go all the way to Data Engineering, if I can afford it. I’m in for the long haul!!!

I plan to work on the SQL Fundamentals Path and I plan to work for a humble one hour per day, every day for 30 days, starting yesterday! Today is day 2 for me.

Fun fact: At 49, I’m probably the oldest person here. I’m doubly determined to finish the whole course, not just these 30 days, so that I can tell every young man or woman that is struggling with it that “If I can do it, so can you!”.


Hi , I am new to career in data science.

I will try to complete the all the free content in the data analyst path in the next 30 days .
I would work on this for 1-2hrs daily.

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Hi! I’m trying to complete at least one lesson per day.

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Hello everyone, I’m Varun from India, currently working as a Business Analyst in a Saas company.
I have been using Dataquest for around a month now. My goal for this challenge would be to get into a routine of learning and somehow incorporating what I learn into my daily work.
Planning to devote 1-2 hours daily and I will be covering my ongoing Data Science course (currently on the App Store Guided Project)
Best of luck ya’ll

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Planning to spend at least 2 hours a day to my Data Scientist path.

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Hi everyone,

I am Natalia from Germany. I plan to study for at least an hour per day. I want to finish SQL Fundamentals and Python for Data Science.

Good luck to all of you!



My personal goal is to work my way through " Intermediate Python and Pandas" over the next 30 days. Loving Boolean vectors so far.


Hi everyone,

Let’s try if we can complete this challenge!

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Hello everyone,
My name is Segun. I am on the “Data Scientist with Python” career track. I am planning to devote 2 hours per day. During the 30-day dataquest challenge, I plan to learn:

  • Python for Data Science: Fundamentals
  • Cleaning and Preparing Data in Python
  • Python Data Analysis Basics
  • Data Analysis and Visualization


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