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Hey everyone!

Today, I’m super stoked to announce the July Writers Contest! :confetti_ball:

This time again, we’re bringing it with a grand prize of 250 USD! :trophy: :money_with_wings:

More than anything, this contest is an excuse for you to write the article you’ve always dreamt to write. Learners like you have written 26 articles in our community magazine during the previous iterations of this contest.

Writing useful articles on the Internet is a great way to kickstart your career:

  • It will help you stand out as a data professional in your next job interview.
  • It helps you show that you’re a “Data Evangelist” and that you are good with written communication.
  • Finally, it helps you build connections effortlessly - Google works 24x7 for you to surface your article to relevant people in the industry.

If you’re excited by these things, this contest is for you! :heart:

Here’s all the information you need to participate:


To answer my question. The person with the most views wins. Am I right or will the winners be announced in a way that’s only known to the judges?


You’re right - the person who writes the article with the most views wins.


I want to ask if I can write about any topic on data science using any tool


HI Nityesh i replied a message but maybe you didn’t see it so i’m posting the link here too https://community.dataquest.io/t/re-launching-dataquest-direct/522912/5?u=hanqi


Hi @olawale6708, yes - you can write on any topic related to data science.

If you’re unsure, feel free to run your topic by me and I’ll tell you if it fits the magazine’s tempo. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply @hanqi. I did miss it.

I’ve just sent you a reply. :slight_smile:

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Hi @nityesh , I think that choosing the winner based on pageviews has measure flaws. If you use this metric, there are chances that you will pick a winner who doesn’t deserve to be and this will be an injustice to the actual winner who should be awarded the prize. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Why is pageview not a very good metric for picking the winner?

The biggest problem with pageviews is that they will never tell you if the article was helpful to the reader or not. It will only tell you how many people saw the article. An author can have the most views for an article but the article can be mediocre and can still win the prize when they shouldn’t. The reason is when we see a link we don’t know anything about what it contains, we decide whether or not we should read the article based on only the headline of the article. And as soon as someone clicks on the link and visits the website, the pageview for that article gets incremented by one. So, we are actually giving credit to the author before the reader even reads the article. Which is not a very good way to measure the quality of an article? We can do much better than this.

The best metric to measure the quality of an article is the page value. Page value is the average value for a page that a user visited before landing on the goal page or completing an Ecommerce transaction (or both). It measures the influence of a page and helps us better understand which pages on our site drive more conversions and revenue. So, if an article generated $10 for Dataquest, another article $5, and one $0. Then it’s not very hard to choose who is the winner. There is no ambiguity in choosing the winner and nobody can question your method because at the end of the day the goal is to make more money and reward the articles or any activity that helps us do that. But if you use pageviews, then there will always be some ambiguity and anyone can question your judgment because no matter how many times you beat pageviews with a stick, it will never tell you if the article was useful to the user. You can think of pageview as a proxy for measuring the attractiveness of the headline of the article but not the article itself. So, I think using the page value would be a better choice to pick the winner and ensure that the right person gets awarded for their hard work. Recently I built an ml model to predict which customers will buy from an online website based on their activities on the site. I found that the most important feature for predicting the outcome was in fact page value. If you want to look at the model, you can do it here - https://customer-purchase-prediction.herokuapp.com . Note the dataset doesn’t contain pageviews so I can’t compare between the two but you will get the idea of why page value is such an important metric.

I hope this information is helpful to the community. Thanks for listening.


Thanks a lot for your feedback @bholaprasad26.

You make a good point indeed. There are flaws in using page views as the success heuristic and page value might be a better option.

But at this point we won’t be able to implement it for 2 reasons:

  • We don’t want to over-optimize on the revenue in this program. That might have negative second-order effects like writers writing posts that sound too much like a Dataquest ad and don’t necessarily provide value to our subscribers.

  • We don’t actively track community as a touchpoint for Dataquest sales. So, even if we wanted to go with the page value metric, we won’t be able to measure it well.

But seriously, thanks a lot for your concern for our community. :heart:


@nityesh ok, I understand your concern why attaching outcomes to community efforts might backfire. Don’t get mad at me, I am just discussing with you. How about the average time on page? It solves both the problems, will help you to pick the right winner, and also solves your concern with the page value. What do you think?

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Yep, good alternative. But we aren’t tracking that either.

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Hey Nityesh! I sent you my article but haven’t gotten any feeback since then.

Hi @OBrienTaga, I send you a feedback a few hours ago today.

BTW, it usually take 2-3 days to give feedback on a draft.

Hi Nityesh! I sent you my article on 31st July.When should I expect a feedback on my article?

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Hi @devashreesm,

Thanks for participating in the contest!

Unfortunately, I think your article might have skipped my inbox. Can you resend it please?

Thanks for the reply. Emailed it again just now.

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It went to spam. Just fetched it.

I’ll follow up about the submission on email.