Announcing the Learning Assistants of Dataquest

A few weeks ago, we launched an exciting initiative in the Community -

A Learning Assistants program that aimed to incentivise all members of this community to cultivate an important lifelong skill of helping your peers.

With this program, we want to amplify the number of students who experience what learners like @otavios.s already experience in our Community:

I started visiting the community to see if I could help someone. I thought that if I could help other students with their questions, I would be helping not only the student whose question I’d answer but the platform that helped me in the first place.
I’m not a python expert or an experienced data scientist or anything like that. I’m just a Dataquest student like most of you and so I was not sure whether I was capable of answering people’s questions. But as it turns out, I was.
As I kept answering questions I notice that I was also helping myself by doing it, since I had to revisit something I had already studied or even learn something new to answer a question.

This is why I’m glad to be making this public announcement to recognise the amazing Learning Assistants of Dataquest.

Please join me in congratulating them! :confetti_ball: :tada:


  • All Learning Assistants mentioned below have evaluated based on the criteria laid down in this topic.

  • You can check your own progress towards these requirements by visiting your profile. Click on your profile icon on the upper right hand corner and then click on your username to see your summary.

  • If you find that you are eligible but have still not been mentioned below, please send me a direct message. I’ll be happy to make it right. :slight_smile:

  • Finally, do not worry if you missed a tier by just an inch - this is a recurring program. So, you can cover the remaining questions and become eligible for rewards when we announce the next cohort in just a few weeks!


1. How to avail your free subscription?

We will automatically add free extensions to your current subscription within 1 week of the announcement.

2. How to share your certificate of volunteering?

You’ll receive your Dataquest Learning Assistant certificates within a few days of the announcement. Here are some ways you can make the most of it:

  • I would encourage you to mention this on your resume as:
    Volunteered as a Learning Assistant for Dataquest

  • You can share it as a picture in a post on LinkedIn, Twitter or social media. Tell them about your experiences, what you learned and what motivated you.

  • You can also flaunt it in front of your LinkedIn connections by adding it to your profile. Go to your profile , click on the ‘+’ button in front of Volunteer Experience and fill up the form that is shown. (Note: you can’t add it to the normal Licences and Certifications section on LinkedIn since this does not certify any new academic knowledge)


Here’s our first ever cohort of Learning Assistants -

Tier 1 Learning Assistants -

@info.victoromondi, and @westlundderek

Congratulations you all on receiving:

  • A shiny new Learning Assistant badge in the Community :tada:


Keep helping your peers to gain more rewards, knowledge and gratification!

Tier 2 Learning Assistants -

@bahmed21, @moriturus7 and @Yemi

Congratulations you all on receiving:

  • A shiny new Learning Assistant badge in the Community :tada:
  • 1 month of free Dataquest Premium :rocket:

Keep helping your peers to gain more rewards, knowledge and gratification!!

Our Tier 3 Learning Assistants -

@doyinsolamiolaoye and @otavios.s

Along with them, I would also like recognise our amazing Community Moderators, who have consistently helped the community all this time, in our first ever cohort of Learning Assistants:

@alvinctk, @april.g, @Rucha, @hanqi, @blueberrypudding85, @Prem and @ranklord

Congratulations you all on receiving:

  • A shiny new Learning Assistant badge in the Community :tada:
  • 1 + 2 months of free Dataquest Premium :rocket:
  • an official Learning Assistant certificate from Dataquest :confetti_ball:

Keep helping your peers to gain more knowledge and gratification!!!


Wow… Thank you sooo much!
It is really very touching and motivating.


This was unexpected! :smile:

Congratulations to all the winners :+1: and Sincere Thanks to the selection team :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank You. Indeed we do gain and learn much more ourselves when we help others!


I am super proud of how active and helpful our community has become!


Congratulations guys, It’s super amazing, keep up the good work. :grinning:


Congratulations :tada: to all the Learning Assistants :smile:.


Thank you @nityesh and Dataquest!

Such a great ideia and I am really happy to be a part of it! Thank you!

I’m already a proud user of my Learning Assistant badge ! :sweat_smile:

Can I just ask what “1+ 2” means?


Wow!. I appreciate the recognition. Looking forward to assist learners where applicable. Thank you.


Congratulations guys!


Yes, ofcourse. That’s a good question.

Our reward structure mentions that a Tier-2 Learning Assistant will receive 1 month of free Premium and a Tier-3 Learning Assistant will receive 2 months of free Premium.

Since, you all have essentially “skipped” the 2nd tier and gone straight to Tier-3, it was only fair to reward you with the benefits of all the tiers. 1+2 just reflects that calculation. You will be getting a total of 3 months of free Premium Dataquest subscription!


That’s really good, thank you!

Do you know when is starts?


You can start it as soon as your current subscription is over. I’ll send complete details by tomorrow.


Thank you, DataQuest, for the amazing platform to learn and teach at the same time.

Kudos to the other Learning Assistants and Community Moderators, It is always good to help.


Thank you, DataQuest


Here’s how you can avail your free Dataquest Premium!

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Very good @nityesh! Thanks!

Are we going to receive the certificate once we fill ou the ticket?

I’ll just finish step five and the I’ll do it.

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Congratulations guys!