Announcing the winner of the August Writers Contest

Please join me in congratulating @hanqi for winning the August Writers Contest ! :tada: :heart_eyes:

Han wrote the most popular article of the month:

At the time of writing, this article has received 800+ views!

In this awesome article, Han shares a comprehensive guide for SQL beginners.

It aims to introduce the world of SQL, the concepts involved, and some common confusions or pitfalls that people face on their journey.

For this superb contribution to our community, I’m happy to present Han with a gift card worth $250! :money_with_wings: :confetti_ball:

Victory for everyone!

I would also like to take a moment and congratulate everyone who participated in the contest to publish awesome articles in August! :clap: :heart_eyes:

Here are the articles that y’all published:

Writing articles has a huge impact on your career:

  • It can help you stand out in this competitive job market - you can now put “Data Evangelist” in your resume
  • It can help you connect with data professionals from all over the world - share your articles in other online spaces and you’ll have a good icebreaker
  • It can also bring job opportunities to you - writing well is a superpower that can give you immense leverage in your career

So, this contest is a victory for all of us. :trophy:

Hope to read from you in the September Writers contest as well! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Congratulations @hanqi for the win! Truly a comprehensive and engaging read :+1: