Answer in the solution is wrong

Screen Link:

My Code:

content_ratings = {'4+': 622, '12+': '1155', '9+': 987, '17+': 4433}
temp = content_ratings['4+']
content_ratings['4+'] = content_ratings['17+']
content_ratings['17'] = temp
content_ratings['12+'] = int(content_ratings['12+'])

What I expected to happen:

{'4+': 4433, '12+': 1155, '9+': 987, '17+': 622}

What actually happened:

{'4+': 4433, '12+': 1155, '9+': 987, '17+': 4433, '17': 622}

The solution to slide 2/11 on Python Dictionaries and Frequency Tables is wrong or the output is wrong.
I wrote the code and got the wrong answer. When I checked the solution my answer was identical to the solution. I copy pasted the solution and still got the message that “The output of your code didn’t match what we expected.”

Your code has a mistake/typo. It should be '17+' and not '17'.

The solution code also runs as expected.

I would also recommend, in such situations, to pay closer attention to where the answer differs and think about why that would happen. For example, in this case, you can see your answer has a '17' key which shouldn’t be there. So, that’s an indication that somewhere in your code you added that '17' by mistake.