Answer submission issue

I’m unable to submit the answer on Measures of Variability, task 9, although the code & the histogram seem to be correct.

Hi @JuliaAlekminskaya

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There must be something. You are missing in the code, maybe applying ‘Bessel corrections’ for calculating the standard deviation of a sample, etc.

Below is my code, which submitted successfully without any error.

from math import sqrt
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def standard_deviation(array):
    reference_point = sum(array) / len(array)
    distances = []
    for value in array:
        squared_distance = (value - reference_point)**2
    variance = sum(distances) / len(distances)
    return sqrt(variance)

def bessel_corr(array):
    mean = sum(array)/len(array)
    var = [abs(value-mean) ** 2 for value in array]
    variance = sum(var)/(len(var)-1)
    return sqrt(variance)

sample_sd = []
for i in range(5000):
    sample = houses['SalePrice'].sample(10, random_state=i)

Please, take a look at your code once again.

Thank You :slightly_smiling_face: