Answering Business Questions Using SQL - Asking for community review/comments

Hello all,

This is the first project that I submit to the community for comments/review.

Although my project is not completely finished (to my liking), I would appreciate any comments/advice/suggestions that you guys can provide. Do not hesitate to highlight any mistakes that I may have made. I plan on revising and submitting this (and future projects) to my github so you would be helping me a lot if you point something out.

One specific thing that I would like comments on is if you guys prefer tables or plots when summarizing my results. When answering certain questions I included both but this seems a bit redundant to me. Too, it seems like it adds a significant amount of scrolling to the project. Furthermore, since I use Plotly to produce my plots, pop-up information is available when hovering over the plots. This allows me to add all the table information to a bar, pie, or whatever plot I create. To me, this adds to the redundancy of showing results in both table and plot format. Let me know what you guys think.

Chinook Project.ipynb (3.6 MB)

Thank you!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @jesusayala893, thanks for sharing your work. The project looks amazing, it is very informative, neat presentation style, thorough explanation…

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Adding plots to the analysis makes it easy to understand the insights and is self-explanatory.

Happy Learning!

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I apologize for the late reply but thank you for your feedback! I have made the appropriate edits to my project.


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Your project looks really informative and creative, I’ve learned a lot about visualization and storytelling from it. Send a really big Thanks to you!