Answering Business Questions Using SQL

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Hi, I just landed on this guided project and unlike any project, I didnt find a solution notebook. I found one on github but thats in python. Would you please help me get the solution notebook ?


I cant find the ‘interface’ .

Hello @diminishstudioz. Here is the link to the solutions notebook for this Guided Project:

I will add a link to this notebook in the Guided Project instructions. Thank you for letting us know that you were unable to locate the solutions.

Regarding the interface, unfortunately right now we do not have an interface for R guided projects. We are in the process of making this particular course pure SQL (in the future it will require no knowledge of R) so we will have the Jupyter Notebook interface available for this Guided Project in the future, but in the meantime the intent is for learners to perform this particular Guided Project using RStudio installed on their computer.

Have you completed other Guided Projects in the R Path? Or did learning with the SQL Fundamentals course?

Let me know of any questions you have. Best,

Thank you @casey. I did my other R projects in Rstudio but there were solutions provided though. Here it was very confusing because of what is written in the learn text. I spent almost the day trying to figure that out. Maybe you can consider rewrite the texts.

But I thank you for your prompt response.

Thank you @diminishstudioz for the feedback on the course. We are considering an optimization or rewrite of this course. Your feedback is valuable. Best,

I agree with @diminishstudioz the first 2 pages of the project were confusing and not very clear. As a someone on the Data Scientist path (Python) I was asked to write functions for certain principles I never heard of such as context managers (still don’t understand why or how they work :confused:) also some instructions were not very clear. I look forward to the improvement.

Hello @casey, can you help me understand the steps of the last task in this project ? I will try to explain what I am not understanding.

In step 7, albums vs individual tracks, the core objective is to find out how many invoices account for individual track vs full album purchase.

I went through the solution notebook but what I am trying to understand is the steps to figure out the answer rather the coding. For example : why did we need to make “invoice_first_track” view and how would it help us on the next step.

I actually didnt understand any step in this particular “album vs individual tracks” . Therefore I would really appreciate if you can explain all the steps in this task.

Thank you

Hello @diminishstudioz. Touching base to let you know I saw this post from you. I will be in touch this week with clarification. Best,

Hello there @nardobenny0. Thanks for your post, we appreciate your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that some screens in this Guided Project were confusing. I will save this feedback from you and Farsim. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need clarification on any courses. Best,

Hello @diminishstudioz. This is a challenging Guided Project and there are a number of interesting posts worth checking out. I suggest checking out the following posts because our content author Bruno has provided some useful guidance to other students about how he would approach this problem.

In particular, I recommend checking out the strategy he would use:

And here are a couple of other relevant posts.

Please let me know if you have additional questions after checking out these posts. Best,