Answers not passing

Is there an issue with the site? Some of my answers are not passing even though I check my answers and they are identical.

@jeffreyyi11 I’m having the same problem!

I’m currently on Python for Data Science: Intermediate and I even copied and pasted the answer and it still says my answer is incorrect.

That is my issue. I just leave my answers there cause it seems to save it. I just move on to the next lesson.

@jeffreyyi11 They fixed it!

Still doesn’t work for me. Did you log out and back in?

@jeffreyyi11 can you please send me the link to the screen you are having trouble with? I’ll look into it. Best,
There are few of them that don’t pass.

Thank you @jeffreyyi11. I will look into this on Thursday. Best,

Hi @jeffreyyi11. The issues with mission 351 should now be resolved. Thank you for letting us know. Please let me know if you run into further issues. Thank you!