Any issue going on with submissions

I am getting the below error message for all my submissions unless I copy the answer code and paste it exactly.
This is happening with all modules.

Can you please check it once?

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I have tried it is working fine. Kindly refresh your browser and check the code. And do check the variable using type.


Let me know if this solves the problem.

It seems you have assign integer value to print function.
For example you have done like this somewhere

print = 123

To fixed it you have to detele integer value reference to print using del

del print

Or re-assign it with built-in print method

print = __builtins__.print

After applying one of the above solution; try your code it should work

income = 34000
income += 6000

This is work as it is workaround to mark a mission as complete while facing technical issue with submission

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