Any person from Europe?

Hi everybody! I’m from Budapest, Hungary.

Hi there, I’m from Paris :smile:


Hi all, I’m from Milan, Italy!

Hello everybody. I’m Alessandro and I’m from Italy.

I’m from Turkey, living in Greece =)

Hey there, I am from Azerbaijan, but currently living and studying in Brussels, Belgium. I like the idea of putting together some sort of Dataquest Europe community :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m from Poland :smiley:

Hi everybody, Currently in Taiwan I will come back in France this summer :slight_smile: Creating a network and work together is a great idea, thanks a lot for this topic

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Denis from Slovakia here :slight_smile:

Folks, feel free to send me your connection request on LinkedIn and, please, make sure to mention Dataquest in your message. Love to be connected with like-minded people from Europe and hope that you have at least some basic info in your profile :slight_smile:
LinkedIn Profile

Also, there is Data Science page on Facebook I try to develop, so would be happy to feel your support here as well. Simple like and/or follow will be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Facebook Data Science Page

Thank you all and have a nice day!

Hi all! I’m Maria from Spain :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all, I’m Rob, from England, UK.
Been spending time on/off learning python and data analytics. Hoping to finally to gain enough knowledge to be self sufficient and bring it to use at my new employer.

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Im in Berlin, DE working a full time job in Data Analytics.

Hi folks, I’m Simon! Currently in Barcelona, Spain. Originally from Poland!

Hi I’m from Zaragoza Spain! Great to be here!

Hi, I am from Estonia.

Hi everyone. I’m Nitin. I’m residing in Ireland originally hailing from India.

Hi kingisch,
I’m also living in Munich, let’s catch up sometime.

Muhammad Umar

Hi everyone! Obi here. Currently residing in Newcastle, UK.

Hi Ewelina from Poland here! Happy to be part of dataquest community :slight_smile:

Hi @kamranmk , I m in Brussels too!
Working at the public administration for early childhood, and trying to make it more data-driven…