Any person from Europe?

Hi and nice to meet you all!
I am from Amsterdam :netherlands:
Currently applying for my first job as data analyst and doing some personal projects.
Feel free to message me if you want to connect.


Hi @alixe.leclercq, good to meet you :slight_smile: I am finishing my studies in KU Leuven. Welcome to the community and if you want we can meet up here in Brussels to chat all about data :slight_smile:

Hey, I am also from Germany. I am close to Koblenz.
I have some experience with R and just a little with Python. Hoping to have some fun while learning with this great community. :slight_smile:

Hi everybody, I’m Piotr from Poland. Nice to meet you!

Hi Everyone,

I am based in London. Pleasure to meet you all!

Great to meet you Elena, I’m also from London. How long have you been doing this course?

Nice to meet you people, I come from Serbia, live in Belgrade.

I am from Oxford, UK. Nice to meet you all.

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Not a very large European community has gathered in this branch, but nevertheless, I will be happy to help in any way I can. I have some Python experience in data engineering. In addition, I’m interested in quite a lot of areas, and skills development more generalist in python.

Given how different countries have gathered here, we have a unique opportunity to present a completely different vision, on the same situation and data.

In addition, if Eastern Europe decides to gather, in a separate community, you can try to collect collaboration, though I speak mostly only in Russian

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I’m also in Berlin! Just moved a few months ago

that is so cool. We should total hang out.

I’m from Brazil but currently living and working in the Netherlands! :netherlands: Not too far from Spain, though. It’s been one month since I’ve just started learning python through the Data Analyst in Python Path in the hopes to change careers in the future.
Nice to meet you all. Quite excited to be part of this community :slight_smile:

Hey @michielsijpkens! I’m in Breda! Nice to know there are some Dutch colleagues here.

Glad to see so many europeans embarking in this exciting world.

Best regards from Spain!

Hey, here from Paris :grin:

Oláááááááááááá from Portugal!!! :smiley:

Hey guys
I am from Sweden, Stockholm. Love to join anybody from all around the world to share knowledge and team work.
Please connect me from my profile in linkedin:
Mention dataquest in message plz.

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Hey all, I’m from Sweden, Stockholm. Would be nice to team up with some to make sure that i’ll continue work with Dataquest and such. I’m at Step 1 on the Data Science (Python)-path. But i have worked with other resources before. Drop me a PM if you feel like it :slight_smile:


Also in France! A bit south of Lyon.

Where are you from?

Hello guys,
From France, Paris
Happy to help :muscle:

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