Any suggestions when feeling overwhelmed learning

I got through the functions missions then moved on to the project mission then felt a little lost. So now I’m just going to move on to course 2 of step 1 then get through pandas then skip to math so I can get to the A.I part. I’ve been trying at this for a while now and just now buckling down and want to get at A.I already. Has anyone else felt overwhelmed with learning and have any suggestions how you pushed through from starting with and doing all your learning with dataquest.

Hope I don’t extinguish your passion, but maybe you are more interested in reading about A.I than implementing it in code.

If you find coding a chore, a good place to start is using point and click tools like Orange/RapidMiner/Knime. By looking at the tiles in the UI, what’s available in the dropdown menus, you can get a comprehensive overview at what pipelines are possible, how some input node(s) be connected to some output node(s), their relationships, the possible tunable settings at each node.
Once you are comfortable with that, and assuming you do want to build reproducible and versionable work, coding is inescapable.

Dataquest is not the only source of truth. For getting started with any tool and their comprehensive examples in python try Real Python. Subscribe to for detailed explanations and big picture ideas. His free course can bring you to intermediate level in no time.

Before moving on to the next screen, try to reflect on what is being taught. Can you write the code from scratch yourself? Can you rewrite the code in another form? What if you had different inputs from the lesson? How would you rewrite the lesson? What questions do you have unanswered? Have other students asked questions about this concept you never thought of? Go through all these at your own pace, it is ok to be slow as long as you understand it. If you don’t, formulating specific questions to ask on the forums here is a valuable skill too. eg. How do you come up with a minimum example that can communicate your confusion clearly, and provides sufficiently varied input to answer all your doubts? Many times, just coming up with the test inputs, and structuring your questions, can jolt reorganisation of ideas that help you answer yourself before you even sent the question.