Anybody from Australia or close to GMT+10 time zone?

Hello Everybody! :slight_smile:
Hope you guys are doing well and safe!

Just started my course here not long ago. Still struggling and learning at the moment. Was wondering is there any group study or keen to create one should you wish to, so we can motivate each other and share ideas and solve the problem much quicker, to achieve what we are aiming for. We all have the same goals, that’s the reason we are here.

I am from Adelaide, Australia. Hope my post isn’t violate the rules of DQ. If it does, feel free to take it down.

Have a good one!

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Welcome fellow Aussie!

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Oh thank you!
How are you?

How’s going with your learning path?

Good! I started around two months ago, and am slowly progressing when I have the time to. Averaging around an hour a day currently, which seems to be enough to retain information at a steady rate. Currently doing the DS path. How about you, how are you finding it so far?

Oh hey!
Sorry for my late reply.

Was busy with work and not really studying in these days. Back on track at the moment.
Same here. Going to 2 months now and still trying to cope as much as possible. Sometimes, felt kinda lost. Can’t remember what I just did, then have to go back to previous course and read then come back and continue. Which step are you at? I mean in the DS path. I’m at Numpy … I don’t know what I am doing but I am doing LOL!

That’s great :D. Is your current job in IT and you are looking to branch out? I’m currently at list comprehensions and lambda expressions (24%)! Really interesting stuff. And keep doing what you’re doing! If you need any help i’m more than happy to help.

Hi guys , I am also from Adelaide, if you want to cheer each other up , pls contact me.
I am just starting now 13% now , my phone number is 0413 032 866

Hello Jason, How are you?
How’s your coding going? I had to take a break for a while and stated again recently…

Hey! are you still learning or you’ve done and working as data scientist now? How would you memorise all the syntax or parameters or all the functions as I am struggling to be honest. I always have to read my notes again and again to continue lessons. I know I am slow.
Would you mind sharing how do you cope all these new things?