Anybody received Microsoft Azure Certification Scholarship Program?

I would like to introduce myself to the community.
My name is roissyah from Indonesia, a month ago I received Microsoft Azure Certification Scholarship Program.
I have just finished “Cloud Data with Microsoft Azure” course on December 25, 2022 and I’m planning to take “Azure Data Fundamentals Certification” before the end of January 2023.

Anybody received the same scholarship like mine?. Or maybe any other kind of scholarship that DataQuest has given to you?.
I would really love to connect with you. Maybe we can be good friend in term of learning data stuff.

I’m waiting for your positive response, see you!.


Hello roissyahfk,

Congratulations on receiving the scholarship. I also got the same scholarship a month ago, but I intend to schedule it at a more convenient time later this year as I’m planning to complete my “Business Analytics” roadmap first. I’ve completed the Power BI Course and am almost done with Excel. Next would be SQL, then I’ll be more confident to take on any exams.

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Hello nice to meet you.
Your plan sounds amazing, keep your spirit up!.

Do you have and idea of how to take DP-900 certification freely (as it has promised in the program)?.


congratulations. I did apply but didn’t get selected but however got a managed to complete azure solution architect.
what’s your linked so we can connect and learn. am HERE TO LEARN data scientist etc. and improve my data analytics… thanks

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Wow that’s cool. For now, eventually we can talked and connected via this forum, I might share my LinkedIn / email later

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I also received the scholarship but I don’t know how I can get the exams voucher as earlier stated in the scholarship.

Glad to knew another scholars.
Have you finished “Cloud Data with Microsoft Azure” course?.

Talking about the exam’s voucher, you can read this page Azure Certification Scholarship: Improving Representation in Data
I found it few days ago.

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