Anyone else struggling with motivation during the current situation?

@nityesh Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it.


Play the long game man. If you stop now you will look back in 6 months to a year and regret it. Do it for your future self. It’s not going to be easy but if it was then everyone would do it. Check out Grit by Angela duckworth great book


Yes I have been struggling seriously with motivation for a couple of weeks now. And having read your words I realized that listening to the news has affected me a lot. It has dampened my morale and lowkey made me think nothing good is coming out of this trying times.

Albeit @jenfly has really amplified my empathy. And Jen, I wish you all the strength and light that you need to endure these tough times.

@jwb0026 from your words you are already doing a great job as a father and husband. So let that count as something great and let it motivate you to wanna gain a skill that would be with you for life. In 10 years time imagine yourself using your skills as a data scientist to help solve world problems and how proud your family would be of you. And most importantly stay away from the news it can be depressing.

I also find motivating having a daily reading of the Bible as encouraging and praying too. You can pray to God for motivation and He graciously gives to all who ask of Him without reproach(Phil 4:6-7)

Remain blessed :hugs:


Wise words. I appreciate the advice. I wasn’t (am not) satisfied with my current career, which was why I chose to go back to school. The degree and data analytics/science are a completely new direction for me. And it’s hard but for the first time in a long time I’m doing something that’s hard in that wonderful way that makes you feel like you’re growing. I’m passionate about coding and learning and seeing patterns where others don’t. I’m not unmotivated to do the work. It’s just worrying because, as you say, I and all of us here will be facing some stiff competition in the job market. Especially so, now.

On that note, I’m sure you’re right that there are many, many people out there vying for the data science field who are younger and smarter than me. That doesn’t take much. But, I have woken up at 3am every day for nearly four years to work on schoolwork before I get my kids up, take them to school and go to work myself. And I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA the entire time. So while I may have a lapse in motivation to continue Dataquest (or faith that it will be worth it in the end), there aren’t many people out there more motivated to change or improve their lives.


Thanks so much. I really appreciate the kind words and thoughts. Just have to keep on keeping on.

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I’ve read Grit! Great recommendation! As I replied to @yaolinxing19945, I’ve nearly finished with a degree that has taken enormous amount of work so I don’t have a problem with effort or “sticktoitivness” (no idea how you spell that). My motivation issues stem from a sort of general malaise caused by the current state of the world and wondering whether it’s possible to make a midlife career change into a technical field such as this. I guess really, it comes down to a matter of faith or belief in myself (and maybe the field of data science).


Don’t give up there! Everything will work out just fine and we’ll fulfill our dreams of becoming Data Scientists/Analyst. I’m glad you shared your worries. Stay safe!


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