Anyone from Boise, Idaho?


I’m in Boise, Idaho and looking for others on the data science path to bounce ideas off of.


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Hi Christian,

I am in Boise, Idaho too.


How far are you in the course?

Hey Alvin,

I’m working on the Linear Regression section right now, but I’ve skipped around a bit. I’ve done almost all the data analyst track except I skipped the command prompt lesson and some of the SQL stuff bc I already know SQL. Where are you at in the course? Do you still work at Micron? I’m in building 17C

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Hey Christian,

I am about to finish the machine learning section and about 90+% completed on the Data Scientist path.

The Data Analyst path I already 100% completed it but DQ release new courses and I had to redo them, about 95% done with new courses.

I am no longer with Micron and actively applying for jobs. Do you have any recommend jobs in Micron? I used to be in building 24.

Do you have any good ideas for a project?

Are you interested to collaborate in any of the projects listed here.

Well done!

How do you feel overall about the things you’ve learned. I really enjoyed the Data Analysis part of dataquest, but have been a bit disappointed in the math sections. I have taken both Stats and Calc for my undergrad but have been out of those classes for 6+ years. So for me the stats and calculus pieces of dataquest were pretty disappointing. I’m doing some follow up learning through Udemy to brush up on Stats and Calculus.

Are you trying to get a data science role? Or data analyst role? There have been quite a few data science/analyst positions posted in Boise lately.

I am very interested in doing some Kaggle competitions. I do want to finish up some more of the coursework before I jump in so I can be intelligent/helpful - that being said, I should be ready to jump in to some of the collaborative projects in the next month or two.

Let me know what type of positions you are looking for and I’ll let you know if I see anything. is a good job site that I’ve used in the past.

Have you been supplementing your dataquest learnings with any other platform? (i.e. Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, etc)


I agreed that the Data Analyst course is written much better.

Math section is a brief introduction. Nothing more in depth. I was a math major (Multivariate calculus, differential equations, probability, statistics, real analysis, abstract algebra, abstract probability, Markov Chain). I don’t remember most of the materials. math brown blue is a good resources.

I used the following to supplement courses in dataquest

  • (subscribed to various channels),
  • Udemy(I have 452 courses but only manage to complete 1 course)
  • Udacity (mostly free course - Interview/Data Structures and alogrithm)
  • LinkedIn Learning(formerly known as Lynda, I have a free account)
  • blogs(most helpful to read blogs, they summarize down to point form, via google search)
  • Interesting Pycon talks videos on youtube

Too much resources = too much distraction. I only used those resources if I need to google something I do not know.

I am interested in Data Scientist roles mostly or Data Analyst is okay too. Yes, I applied to Boise positions but not successful.