Anyone From Malaysia?

Hi Guys!, looking to study group, networking, and collaborate! Nice to meet you! Let’s coding…


Hi, am from Malaysia as well. Nice to meet ya!

Yay! :tada: Finally. Nice to meet you! I hope more to coming.

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Hey, I am from Malaysia too! :slight_smile:

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Nice to meet you @hqiantan06.

Nice to meet you all. I’m from Malaysia as well. I’m interested to join the study group and networking if you guys are organising one online. :slight_smile:

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Hey, mate @lioneltyd nice to meet you. So far we didn’t set up any group yet. Maybe we can create one?

Hi Guys - Super excited to see Malaysians on this platform!

We have a platform aimed at helping data scientists / analysts get projects - it is called !Kontakte.

!K is a platform aimed at helping data scientists and analysts who are immediately available and looking for projects / work connect directly with employers, in real time as it is app based. We currently have a number of companies in Malaysia seeking to grow their data teams. All you have to do is download the app and advise your availability and then be contacted directly by the hiring companies. No recruiters / middlemen - we promise!

Best of luck!


Hi~ I’m from Malaysia too. Please let me know if you guys create group for learning and networking :slight_smile:

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Hi @xiaotingboo9 nice to meet you. so far we didn’t create any group yet

Hi everyone, i’m from Malaysia too, do you all created the group? you guys prefer Slack of discord? or even WhatsApp?