Anyone from Nigeria

Hello, Anyone here from Nigeria? I’ve been trying to find a good data science or machine learning meetup on here. If none exists, it should be possible for us to organize one!

Hello Tobi I am from Nigeria, in Owerri to be precise

Hi man, I’m in Abuja. How’s it been on dataquest?

Sure, Lagos precisely

Hi, there welcome. Hows the learning been?

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pretty good, but am having a little problem here,

In Data Cleaning with R module, where i need to convert a data type from factor to numeric. i tried running the solution locally in R studio but i keep getting this (Error: object ‘Num of SAT Test Takers’ not found)

There’s a R programming section, you could post this there. So that more people might see it. Sorry, I can’t help though, I’m doing the python path.

wow, can’t believe i just figured it out. I didn’t install a package locally

Am from Nigeria, Unizik Awka to be precise

Welcome, Stanley. What path are you on? And how has it been?

Hi, guys, could you discuss your experience with learning on this platform and your motivations. In relation to the Nigerian condition. Also if you have friends who are also on this platform, please feel free to direct them here. The more the merrier… I think.
Also here is a link to the Kaggle data scientist survey for 2019. Please take time to fill it correctly and completely, it helps Kaggle make reports about current and upcoming Data scientists or analysts, which provides information for investors and businesses. Happy Learning.
The Link
If you wish to look at how the 2018 version was: you may check the kernel tab to see people’s entries.
Link to 2018 reports

Am in Lagos.Am interested in the meetup

Hey my name is Faruq Ahmad from Bayero University, Kano.
How has it been on dataquest?

Very Informative Faruq, good so far. The course covers all of the fundamentals

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Hi everyone. I’m Gbenga, Lagos and I think a meet up will be a very good idea.

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Welcome on board man. I’m Daniel, from Lagos, 69 years.

I’m using this medium to convey my special thanks to Dataquest Inc, it’s not easy switching careers to been a Tech’ite to been Data scientist.
With little knowledge gain, I have been able to rank top in some kaggle competitions.
Once again, I say thank you and I really appreciate this.

Happy Data Scientists!

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Hello! I’m Chidimma from Lagos. Lawyer and currently trying to make a career switch. Great to meet you here!


Hi guys,

I’m Moshood from Nigeria. Lagos to be precise

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Hey ya
I’m Zuruoke from Owerri

Hi, I am Jimi from Nigeria. I live in Lagos. I am new to Python and programming.