Anyone from Vancouver, Canada?

hi there,

looking for people to collaborate, work with, and motivate each other and progress through DataQuest paths in Vancouver, Canada area.


Hi! I’m based in the greater Vancouver area. Which learning path are you on?

I’m doing the DS in Python path, and building my portfolio right now. Would be happy to chat about motivation and collaboration!

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hi @floraxinru, nice to meet you. I am on Data Scientist path, just starting out. I am pretty decent with Python, so shouldn’t take me long to catch up. What’s your progress like? I am going to start intermediate Python this weekend on DS path. Goal is to learn new techniques, and build portfolio as a by product.

Sounds good. I’ll be updating my progress in this post:

I used Pandas and NumPy before but it’s been a while, and I’m also building my portfolio, but I’ll probably go back to those courses on the path soon.

Feel free to let me know if you want to meet up or talk about projects to collaborate on! My LinkedIn:

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Thank you @floraxinru , i will be updating my progress in that thread and we can discuss our personal goals, projects etc.

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Helloooooo! I started in Dataquest last year. I hope we can collaborate with each other :slight_smile:

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awesome! how’s your progress?

I’m doing pretty well thank. Almost ending the fundamental Phyton course. I’m struggling with non -English characters tho. hehe

I hope you’re doing well in your progress.