Anyone in the Pacific Northwest? Seattle?

Hey everyone,

Would anyone like to tag up and work on some projects together in the Seattle? Can be from DQ or maybe even some kaggle projects! I currently work as a Data Analyst so I got some experience, besides taken DQ. Lets learn!

I checked Idaho is in the Pacific Northwest.

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I’m in Portland. Feel free to PM.

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I work in downtown Seattle and live on the Eastside!

Not in Seattle, but I am in Vancouver, WA, if you’re still looking for localish collaborators.

@michael.anthonyfrond @calvintirrell

I will be moving to Seattle next week if either of you guys would like to meet sometime! I don’t have experience in Data Analysis though other than on Dataquest and some other online classes I have taken. I am currently working on the Data Analyst path, more than 60% completed.

Cool, yeah @michael.anthonyfrond and I have been busy and will probably be busy the next few weeks. We concluded that meeting on the weekend would be easiest for our schedules. I’m doing the Data Science with Python path and I’m finishing the 2nd course in Unit/Step 1.

If it would be agreeable we could also make a slack channel and include anyone interested in learning together and setting a channel for projects? Up to you guys!

@michael.anthonyfrond That sounds good to me if you want to make a Slack channel! I’m busy working weekend nights though I could meet during the day.

@znarkin @michael.anthonyfrond I’m down to join a Seattle area Slack channel if/when one gets made - thanks!