Anything for non technical person

Hi team,
I am a complete non technical person who is willing to take a dive into the world of tech…
Kindly suggest me any course to get started with…
I can’t choose on my own…

Looking forward to seeing you reply.

Let’s keep flourishing TOGETHER.

Loads of love from INDIA :heart::heart::pray::pray::bouquet::+1:

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You can start with " Data Analyst in Python" career path and test the waters. When you are starting from the beginning, you will learn everything you need to learn. If you have any previous experience with any programming language or logical way of thinking to write an algorithm you will be able to pick up faster. Otherwise it might take a bit longer, but it is not impossible. So basically if you have technical knowledge or not isn’t really a question. If you have a desire to learn, Dataquest gives you everything you need to learn.


Thanks for your kindness :pray:
But willing to know a bit more course suggestions for a non technical person like me…

I think everyone of us here were a non-technical person at one point in our life. There is a first time. So you can check out this one " Python for Data Science: Fundamentals" and see how you like the fundamentals of Python.

Why Python?
Many people consider python to be an easier language to learn.
Coding in python can be more like talking in English as it is a high level language. So please have a look at this

and see if you like it or not. Then you can take the next decision. I hope this helps.
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