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In the example of the dataset, the variable is track_name. In an excel file or panda wouldn’t we use track_name? Or does it not matter since we are renaming the variable to app_name? I apologize if this is an unusual question I was not certain if this is common practice and would like to culture myself vs being taken back during workplace activities.
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Technically speaking, track_name is the name of a column and is not a variable like app_name is. As an example, we can write:

app_name = app_name + " and much more!"

which is valid python syntax and when printed will display:

Pandora - Music & Radio and much more!

However, this bit of code will throw a NameError:

track_name = track_name + " testing"

saying that track_name is not defined (because track_name is not a variable.)

We are free to label our columns or name our variables as we see fit. However, it is considered best practice to use something descriptive and unambiguous. Personally, I would have labelled the column app_name instead of track_name since this dataset contains apps and indeed the documentation found here tells us that track_name is “App Name.” If this were a dataset containing music titles, I might use track_name instead.

Be a little careful here…we aren’t renaming anything. We are simply creating variables and storing data in them.

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Thank you! Gold metal of an explanation. This explanation very detailed and descriptive! I appreciate your efforts and will be best prepared for the future.

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Thank you, that’s very kind of you. I’m happy to have helped.

Happy coding!