App Profitabiliity for iOS and Android Markets (Guided Project-1)

Hello All!

This is my first attempt at a data analytics project. It was really fun to learn python and data cleaning this way. Cannot wait to complete more projects !

You can help me in getting better at this by providing a feedback on my project. Any constructive inputs are much appreciated.


1 App Profitability - Raghav-A.ipynb (530.4 KB)

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Hello @raghavaseem,

Your introduction has been well structured, with images and $ symbols. Hence, I was so excited to scroll down your analysis and read your recommendation. On the other hand, I agree that book category is more secured to build apps in both Google Play and Apple Store.
I could help Raghav & Co’s developpers by elaborating some features in an book-app that will definetely attract

Thanks Mahouessimi for the feedback!

I also feel a brainstorming indeed needs to be done over and above the analysis worlk, on what attributes the book-app needs to have in order to become popular.