App Profitabiliity for iOS and Android Markets (Guided Project-1)

Hello All!

This is my first attempt at a data analytics project. It was really fun to learn python and data cleaning this way. Cannot wait to complete more projects !

You can help me in getting better at this by providing a feedback on my project. Any constructive inputs are much appreciated.


1 App Profitability - Raghav-A.ipynb (530.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @raghavaseem,

Your introduction has been well structured, with images and $ symbols. Hence, I was so excited to scroll down your analysis and read your recommendation. On the other hand, I agree that book category is more secured to build apps in both Google Play and Apple Store.
I could help Raghav & Co’s developpers by elaborating some features in an book-app that will definetely attract

Thanks Mahouessimi for the feedback!

I also feel a brainstorming indeed needs to be done over and above the analysis worlk, on what attributes the book-app needs to have in order to become popular.

Loved your conclusion at the end. It is worth mentioning how you explain your finding in the audience. However, looking at your code it seems it is cluttered and needs white space in order to be readable. Also inline comments helps your readers know what the code does because based on the structure of your sentence, I’m assuming your targeting “non-technical” audiences.

My advice is to read this style guide written and provided by DataQuest at every guided projects. You can finds tips here that I mentioned above!

Congratulations on your project!

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