Are Fandango Movie Ratings Biased?

Hello! New month, new project:)

This time I completed the first GP from Step 5: Statistics. That was nice, and I became more aware when I watch movie ratings on the most popular sites. I also knew about the “purposive sampling” technique:)

I tried to greatly improve data visualization and make the charts as clear as possible.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Happy coding :smile:

are-fandango-movie-ratings-biased.ipynb (136.1 KB)

P.S. You can also check the project on my GitHub.

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Hi Artur,

Thanks for sharing your really cool project with the Community! Everything looks perfect: amazing visualizations (I liked also the combination of colors that you chose for your graphs), the project itself is very organized and well-structured, with all the necessary links and emphasizing. Also, very detailed and informative background context to the problem, as well as the conclusion. Well done indeed!

Some minor suggestions from my side:

  • You might consider dropping some obvious code comments like # Imports, # Read in the datasets, # Show the datasets.
  • What were the warnings that you had before in the project? were they really not crucial? Well, I became curious about it exactly after your comment to that code line :grinning:
  • It’s better to use a uniform quote mark style for all the string data in the code.
  • In the introduction, you mentioned an article with a long name and created a link to it. I would suggest you, since the name of the article is quite long, to limit the link text to “this article” instead of its real name.
  • It’s better to use to avoid an unnecessary information in the output.

Great job your project! Waiting for another one next month then :wink:

Thanks for your feedback @Elena_Kosourova!

  1. I leave these comments because although it does not provide many useful information it logically splits the project into blocks:)
  2. These are the problems with FixedLocators. In some cases, you have to manually specify them if you want the correct data on the bar plots but in this case it was not an issue and the data was displayed correctly
  3. That’s strange, I’ve PEPed my code w ith a Jupyterlab extension. Will make sure it’s correct
  4. Sure!
  5. Of course:)

Happy coding:)

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Hello @Elena_Kosourova! I addressed you suggestions and improved the project:)

Thank you!

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That’s great, Arthur! Waiting for your next project then :yum:

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