Are there any courses on how to create quizzes and exams?

Hi community: I need to create a graphical quiz for the knowledge assessment of a subset of financial topics. Can anyone recommend any resources like tutorials or guided project code that I can check out/modify? Please help as I need to build this in four days for an interview!

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I am not sure I understand, what kind of resources are you looking for exactly?

And since this forum is related to Data Science, I don’t know if anyone could help you with something this specific about financial topics.

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Thank you for responding @the_doctor! I was just wondering if there are any guided projects within DQ for creating a multiple-choice or T/F quiz in Python. I don’t need help with the finance topics per se, as I have the questions for the quiz already. I just want a good structure for creating a quiz. I already found some resources from outside of DQ but want to see if there are any best-practice examples here. But as you were saying, this is not a data science topic, more like a programming topic, so probably not. But anyway, I am just trying to see what is available. Thank you for your response!

Yeah, it’s unlikely you will find something relevant here for that I think since that’s not really what the content focuses on. Good luck with your interview!

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