Article on Hypothesis Introduction

Kindly go through the article on introduction to hypothesis testing written by me and any improvements are appreciated if any required.


I dealt with hypothesis testing all my life as a biologist, and it is one of the hardest things to put into practice. The only thing I would recommend is for more linked-up explanations, like this part: " if not, then kindly follow up with the concept on this [link]". I think you should do it in other concepts. The example was awesome and really helped to consolidate the theory. And why don’t you submitted in our May writers contest? You get the chance of winning a $250 gift card.


Well done @joshi.ananya.joshi1

My contribution is that I want to quickly look at the p-value and move on.

It would be nice if you included how to interpret using p-value (changing z-score to p-value)

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Yes, I actually focused only at the conventional method of hypothesis testing as people do need to understand these basics with conventional method before going with or applying the p-value method.

Thank you for your review.
I think the “[link]” is not working. Kindly check once.

Okay. Very well done!

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I was talking about the part of the text that you give a reference link! I just quote an example like this one: " It’s assumed that you are familiar with the concept of ‘standard error of mean ’ if not then kindly follow up with the concept on this link."

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