Ask a Data Scientist

Hey Data Learners,

Do you have non-technical questions that you want to ask professional Data Scientists? Something related to the day-to-day job or the career?

Leave your them as replies to this topic and we’ll get our data scientists to answer some of them on video for you!


This is really nice initiative @nityesh

I have some questions in my mind from long time. Now I got an opportunity to ask a Expert Data Scientists

Here are my questions:

  1. What’s the most frustrating part in Data Scientist Job?
  2. How does Data Scientist day to day job goes? What are all the things involved? How do they achieve them? Please explain?

Thanks again for the opportunity



Hi @nityesh and others in the community:

I am currently reading a cybersecurity diploma and am deliberating whether I should specialize in Security or AI/Data Science in the university when I intend to read Computer Science. My interest in Data Science really sparked through a combination of helping others in the dataquest community, exploring dataquest and external content as well as taking up a Deep Learning Elective Module and thus, now I am addicted to data… :smile:

So I find it hard deliberating (which I guess is a good thing) which of the two I should pursue and hopefully as time passes and I gain more experience, I will be able to make the right decision.

Here are my questions for the data scientists:

  1. What do you enjoy about being a Data Scientist? What makes you feel accomplished as a Data Scientist?
  2. What led to you wanting to pursue a career in Data Science so badly? (or was it out of necessity?)
  3. What is one piece of advice you would give to future Data Scientist? Is it better to generalise (know a bit of the many DS/ML technologies like the various library) or be a specialist (focus on one specific technology or area and get really really good at it)?
  4. What qualities are especially essential for being a data scientist (besides those required for almost every job–communication, presentation, writing etc.)?
  5. Are there any techniques you use to de-stress from your routine and adding on to @prasadkalyan05’s point, do you feel exhausted often after a day’s of work?
  6. If you were to do a different job in the tech sector other than Data Science, what would it have been?
  7. Any advice you would have for me?

Thanks a ton for this rare opportunity!



Thank you for this opportunity @nityesh. Hi everyone, most of the questions are asked above. But still I’d ask something new that i have in my mind. I am currently learning data analyst in Python from DQ and will take up data science in Python after i finish this. I want to do masters in data science. Any insights on that, any recommendations for it if you have some university in mind for canada or elsewhere? And all the nice questions asked by @prasadkalyan05 and are in my mind too.


I read in a Medium article that a developer makes a better data scientist. Is this true? What are the advantages people that are developers first have?