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When we are working on a certain task, is there a way to see which tables are available when they are not explicitly mentioned in the notes for the proposed activity?


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hey @Moshe

please have a look at this post:

hope it helps.

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There is no mention of this line of code in the whole lesson except for the CIA factbook guided project. please include it in a lesson, in the hints, and in one of the pdf summaries as well for future students.

In module 7. Generating Columns with the Case Statement within the Intermediate Joins in SQL mission, there is no proper mention of the ‘invoice’ table (not to be confused with the ‘invoice_line’ table) which is needed to for the query/answer. Frankly we need to know it exists in some fashion without looking at the answer…

May I suggest also including a schema diagram at least on the first page of the mission, or making it so that the above line of code actually displays table names within the learning console like it should?


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@Rucha @dataquest

Please see my above reply.


This has already been provided on the first page of this mission/GP
If the below image is not rendered for you correctly then I suggest try a different browser(s), if not then please do respond. I am tagging @Sahil just to bring his attention to the post (Not assigning him anything yet though).

Well, @Sahil might be able to answer for this better and/or reach out to authors about the same.
Perhaps the author(s) included the schema diagram with the content so omitted this.

Strictly a student to student, sometimes it’s okay to have few a non-givens. They help us generate curiosity about them, to look for them, and thereby learn a few more new but related things along the way. :thinking: :wink:


Hi @Moshe, @davidaguilaratx,

As @Rucha stated already, the schema diagram is already provided on the first screen. However, I can certainly understand that it is not a good experience to go back to the first screen every time we have to check the schema diagram. Therefore, I would suggest you open the diagram in a new tab for convenience.

I will also raise the following feature request:

That said, there may be occasions where you don’t have access to the schema diagram. In that case, you can use a combination of


To figure out the schema. However, this is not a convenient way to understand the relationship between tables. So if possible, I would suggest using database reverse engineering tools like SchemaSpy; here is an example:

However, setting up these tools can be a slightly painful process :sweat_smile:



@Sahil Thank you for the tips and the link! This is exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. Specifically acknowledging the inconvenience of navigating back to the diagram and making an effort to improve the user experience with the feature request.

@Rucha Thanks for clarification, feedback, and for escalating the issue.
In my opinion, from a user experience perspective, I shouldn’t have to go to a different/previous mission to reference the schema diagram. Yes, the inconvenience is minor and caused some confusion, but as a premium paying member, I expect a more streamlined learning experience.

I can appreciate the learning opportunities stemming from non-givens, but again, I’m paying a subscription. I want streamlined. Spoon feed me baby :wink:
I know it’s my last opportunity [to be spoon-fed] before actually working in this field.